Blue Veins is committed to build, strengthen and galvanize women & transgender person's collective power for a just and sustainable world – for all.


Our Background

As a crucial member of our society women play several roles. She is a mother, daughter, sister and wife. But before all of that, she is an individual. So in order to stay strong for herself, she has to become more aware of the risks and problems that surround her. She has to understand her rights better so that she is able to respond in a better manner. With this belief, Blue Veins was founded by a group of enthusiastic women in March 1999.

They were of the view that as women, who affirm the humanity and dignity of all people, we have the responsibility as well as the ability to create a world from which injustice, inequity, inequality and oppression are gradually eliminated. They were committed to finding other like-minded persons who work with them to construct the foundations of a just and compassion based world in which all people can live in peace without fear or insecurity.

These women wanted to do a lot for the suppressed women of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). They were discouraged by the lack of information and recourses available to women because of conservative culture and traditions. They took the challenge and raised their voices. They faced much more problems and many Intimidations than they anticipated but never lost hope and continued their struggle. Founders of Blue Veins believed that every woman, regardless of her status of life, has an inherent right to dignity. To enjoy this dignity, her human rights must be affirmed. In response to determination, hope and vision Blue Veins was born. Blue Veins was established on 23 March 1999. Today Blue Veins is a growing group of volunteers embracing the motto “Awareness, Action & Advocacy”.

Blue Veins is the only organization working for the well-being and protection of women/girls and the transgender community.

Our Vision

Blue Veins has a vision of a world where every individual despite their sexual orientation and gender identity lives healthy educated, free and safe life. Where equality and dignity is a right, not a privilege. Where people spend their life creating and thriving, rather than surviving victimization and recovering from atrocities.

We envision a world where everyone enjoys equal protection and fulfilment of their human rights and share power in directing institutions, guiding communities, and leading societies and nations. Where women/girls and transgender shall have full access to the information, resources, training, and employment opportunities they need in order to overcome social, legal and economic barriers, to participate in decision making, and to claim their human rights.

Mission Statement

The mission of Blue Veins is to work together in harmony with a higher spirit to improve the quality of life of women, children and transgender to establish a people-centered framework for empowerment, sustainable health, and a social development to guide and build up a culture of cooperation and partnership and to respond to the immediate needs of those who are vulnerable. Blue Veins empowers communities to articulate demand and access their rights by enhancing their leadership and building networks.

Our Values

The following serve as guidelines for our conduct and behavior as we work towards our vision.

  • Quality – our focus is on the people we serve (women, children, donors, and the community) and we will strive for excellence through evaluation and continuous improvement.
  • Caring – we are committed to serving with empathy and compassion.
  • Integrity – we are committed to acting in an ethical, honest manner.
  • Respect – we believe that all people should be treated with consideration and dignity. We cherish adversity.
  • Responsiveness – we strive to be accessible, flexible, transparent, and to demonstrate a sense of urgency in our resolve and decision making.
  • Accountability – we are committed to measuring, achieving and reporting results, and to using donor’s money wisely.
  • Teamwork – we are committed to effective partnerships between volunteers and staff, and we seek opportunities to form alliances with others.

Our Philosophical World View

Blue Veins values naturalism, reason and compassion in the service of making the world a better place for all humanity. Our philosophical worldview is informed by the methods of science, recognizes the evolution of our knowledge and is free from dogma and open to revision as new evidence and more compelling reasons are presented.

We Believe in Advocacy

Blue Veins believes advocacy comes in many forms and can reflect the diverse dreams, passion and power of women/girls and transgender acting for change. Through our partnerships, we advocate for socially excluded and vulnerable groups but most importantly, we want to empower them to advocate for themselves.

We are Non-discriminatory

We cannot affiliate with groups that bar members from joining on the basis of their creed or worldview. We also cannot affiliate with groups that discriminate on the basis of race, color, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, handicap, or veteran status. Blue Veins believes that the exercise of reasons provides the only valid basis for action or belief.

We Are Progressive

  • We believe in and encourage inclusiveness.
  • We encourage creativity and experimentation.
  • We believe in the power of technology.
  • We support advocacy as a tool for social change to accomplish the social, economic and political advancement of women/girls and transgender.
  • We build the capacity of organizations serving women/girls and transgender.
  • We work through collaboration with community and convening/bringing groups together to seek change together.
  • We respect other's point of view.

We Use Resources Wisely

We believe in continual learning. We understand the power of communication in social change. We steward our financial and human resources, being mindful of our values. We leverage our resources, engaging others to join our vision. We believe in philanthropy as a powerful catalyst for change.

Our Core Principles

The standards & principles under which everyone in the organization operates to carry out the mission.

  • We are a membership organization.
  • We honor each person's commitment and energy to our Mission.
  • We are not afraid to examine all sides of all issues.
  • We cannot be bought.
  • We tell the truth about what we discover.
  • We serve individuals while reaching the broader population.
  • We value the involvement of grassroots activists throughout the country and around the world to further our mission.
  • We encourage people to participate fully in decisions relating them.
  • We believe access to information is vital.
  • We recognize that structural changes in society are needed to accomplish our mission.
  • We are a small but dynamic organization, which uses funding efficiently and tries to grow.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe that all individuals have a right and responsibility to full participation in our society.
  • We believe that education and knowledge can be an antidote to intolerance and bigotry.
  • We believe that all individuals deserve to be welcomed, celebrated, and to become an integral part of a healthy society.
  • We believe in the importance of investing in our youth and their future.
  • We believe that we all have a responsibility to work for a healthy and sustainable natural environment.

Our Convictions

Every individual has the ability to assert their rights and emerge as leaders:Everybody irrespective of their status has the inherent capacity to take responsibility for and make choices about their lives.

Information is power: Access to information and knowledge about political, economic, social and cultural structures increases people’s control over their lives.

Questioning leads to change: Creating a culture of questioning strengthens people’s ability to challenge and change the structure that keeps them silent.

Working in partnership creates synergy: A collective and collaborative process that connects individuals and organizations with each other enhances learning and action in a mutually beneficial way.

Our Legal Status

Blue Veins is designated as not for profit, Charitable Organization and is registered as non-governmental, non-profit Voluntary Social Welfare Organization with the Social Welfare Department, Ministry of Social Welfare Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa under the registration & control ordinance 1961 (XLV1 of 1961).

Our Organization Structure

The following is our Organizational Structure.

Organizational Structure